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A tough year


No words can describe how much your family misses you

First I’d like to welcome you to my online Blog. I will try to update as much as possible and include only photos pertinent to what I’ll be speaking about in each blog. Thanks for reading!

So…what can I say…things for a while really seemed to be just getting better and better for us as a family. I was making decent money, we had 3 awesome dogs, a child on the way, and new cars every year, and just all around doing great. This past year has just been horrible in many ways, yet I can’t complain as we now have our son, Little Anthony the 3rd!

Things started off with me leaving a job which was 3 hours away roundtrip which meant no longer having the leasing option of vehicles. Our most loved pet, Riko, passed away, we were without insurance for a while, and have just been struggling most of 2011.

And although 2011 has been tough, I think it was meant to be. I now see how wasteful we were and how a lot of people still are. I have realized how materialistic I became and how I let work consume me. I see it now in so many other people. Spending all their time working and neglecting their families. Spending money on things instead of family vacations or visiting friends and family. I hope when I do find a new position I work hard, but not neglect my family.

I am hoping 2011 brings an opportunity for us to move to 1 of 2 locations. Portland Oregon or Columbia Falls Montana. I feel that right now is the best time for us to move. We will miss our friends and family so much, but we just need to escape Illinois. We love the great outdoors and want to raise our son in that type of area.

I hope anyone reading this can sit back for a second and just think about life. Think about how you are going to look back later in life. Will you be happy with your decisions? Will you believe you spent enough time with your family? Will you think back and think “I had a great life, I was a good person, and the world was a better place for having me”